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Our services

We put our years of experience into a portfolio of services that promotes acoustic comfort and facilitates the integration of immersive technologies in the development of scalable solutions according to each ecosystem.

I. Clarity Analysis in Acoustic Spaces

When musical instruments are perceived with little clarity or spoken communication is unintelligible, it is necessary to analyze the acoustic space to decide on a strategy to increase listening comfort.

Perception performs acoustic clarity diagnostics suitable for auditoriums, concert halls, recording studios, home theaters, and general acoustic spaces.

Our user-focused recommendations take into account the different directions from which sounds reach each listener. The presentation of our results is easy to interpret for architects, designers and sound engineers.

Our diagnosis allows us to optimize the position of the sound sources and decide the appropriate material to cover the surfaces of the acoustic space.

III. Consulting and Training in Acoustics and Immersive Technologies

We provide consultancies and design personalized training in acoustics and integration of immersive technologies according to each need.

Subscribe to the Community of Perception and schedule a meeting to introduce you to our services and start designing corporate training tailored to your ecosystem.​

An immersive visit or virtual tour is made up of a sequence of 360 images or videos that allow the visitor to tour the space as if they were present in the real place. Immersive visits offer advantages to sectors such as tourism, museography, real estate, advertising and education.

Our methodology records specific points of the journey. The visual scene is captured with a spherical camera (commonly called a 360 video camera) while the soundscape is captured with a concentric microphone array (commonly called an ambisonics microphone).

Users take tours directing their eyes in any direction, withgoogle cardboardseitherhead-mounted displays, or simply with the computer mouse or the touch screen of a mobile device. In either case, the use of headphones enhances listening immersion.

II. Immersive visits

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