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​Our Mission

Create a community to investigate hearing and its integration with vision and touch, in order to improve quality of life through audio technology for immersive content, multisensory interfaces, and acoustically healthy spaces.

Our History

Identifying an Educational Gap

Perception Research began in 2019, through a network of scientists, professionals and developers pioneers in the ecosystem of 3D acoustics and immersive technologies.

Before contributing to the first wave of commercial applications, we identified the need for education and training that would accelerate the progress of the industry of 360 contents and of virtual, augmented and extended realities (VR/AR/XR). From this trip came the first boot camp in 3D audio for immersive technologies.

Research, Development and Scalability

We are proud to have established international collaborations and contributed to academia with Scientific Publications at top-tier technology conferences.

These achievements have been a testing ground for understanding the importance of academia-industry cooperation in the adoption of new immersive technologies.

We have put our years of experience into an educational platform that makes it easier for companies to integrate immersive technologies in the development of scalable solutions according to each ecosystem.

Experience and Leadership

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