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Privacy Policy for the Processing of Personal Data

The company PERCEPTION, located in Lima, Peru, communicates that theLaw No. 29733 –Personal Data Protection Law– and the Regulation of Law No. 29733, Personal Data Protection Law, approved by Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS of the Government of Peru, regulate the processing of personal data in order to guarantee the fundamental right to the protection of personal data of its owners and the rights that the aforementioned provisions legal grant.


TheNational Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, according to article 33 of the Law No. 29733 –Personal Data Protection Law–, represents Peru before international instances regarding the protection of personal data and cooperates with foreign authorities for the protection of personal data for the fulfillment of their powers and generation of bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms to assist each other and provide due mutual aid. when it's requested.

The PERCEPTION company, as part of its Privacy Policy, guarantees the maintenance of confidentiality and security in the processing of personal data provided by the user and/or natural person (hereinafter referred to as THE USER). The USER, who is the owner of their personal data, freely and voluntarily accesses the website from your residence located in Peruvian territory or abroad, in accordance with article 5 of theRegulation of Law No. 29733, Personal Data Protection Law. The PERCEPTION company guarantees that the storage systems of its personal databases have security measures to prevent any unauthorized alteration, loss, access or treatment.

The company PERCEPTION records that the data provided by THE USER will be incorporated into its databases and will be used for strictly legal, contractual, administrative, commercial and advertising purposes in order to provide information on the products and services provided by the company.

THE USER, who accesses the websitehttps://www.perception3d.comto register your personal data, implies the express, full and unreserved acceptance of the Privacy Policy for the Treatment of Personal Data detailed in this document, stating that you have been informed about the treatment, the rights of the owner and the data banks personal.

Similarly, access, interaction or browsing on the website, constitutes the express authorization of THE USER, as well as his free, prior, informed, express and unequivocal consent for the processing of his personal data and its incorporation into the personal data banks owned by the company PERCEPTION. Any other data that could be provided throughout the contractual or legal relationship, as well as those obtained from sources accessible to the public, will be processed in order to collect information from the person interested in any product or service offered or provided by the PERCEPTION company. .

THE USER grants prior, informed, express and full consent to the company PERCEPTION so that their personal data entered on the websitehttps://www.perception3d.comare incorporated into the personal data banks called "Digital Media Users" and "Current and Potential Clients", whose registrations asBank of Personal Data of Private Administration-Legal Entitywill be requested atPersonal Data Protection Directorateunder the provisions of article 34 of theLaw No. 29733 –Personal Data Protection Law–and articles 76, 77, 78, 79 and 81 of theRegulation of the Personal Data Protection Law, approved by Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS of the Government of Peru.

Based on prior authorization, THE USER accepts the use of their personal data for the following purposes:

  1. The contact to participate in market research studies.

  2. Sending commercial advertisements.

  3. Marketing of products or services.

  4. The delivery of information about PERCEPTION of interest to the USER.

The aforementioned may be carried out by PERCEPTION on its own or through third parties, who may only process the data for the purpose described above as managers for which prior consent is not required; however, if said event occurs, subscribers will be duly informed in accordance with the provisions of article 18 of theLaw No. 29733 –Personal Data Protection Law–.

To access the information on the website, it is an essential and mandatory requirement to have this consent on the processing of your personal data, producing its refusal the impossibility of providing the service in a suitable and effective way. The duration of said consent is indefinite. Likewise, THE USER has been informed that PERCEPTION may process, transfer, access, use or facilitate the information provided –for such purposes– with the other companies of the Economic Group of the PERCEPTION Company.

THE USER also declares to have been informed by PERCEPTION about the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition as the owner of such personal data.

Finally, the company PERCEPTION declares that it assures the owner of the personal data, the exercise of the rights of information, access, rectification, deletion or cancellation and opposition that are detailed in theLaw No. 29733 –Personal Data Protection Law– and the Regulation of Law No. 29733, Personal Data Protection Law, submitting a request via email to the

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